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Kickstarter: Paradigm – Adventure, an Evil Sloth, and Post-Apocalypse


This game sounds amazing. (And even if it isn’t…sloth in a toupee! What more could you want!?)

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Paradigm caught my eye on Twitter because of the image of a sloth with a toupee. I needed to find out more about this game immediately. The game is “a surreal point-and-click adventure game set in the strange and post apocalyptic world of Krusz; a land inspired by a mix of Eastern Europe and the 70s & 80s.” The game is named after the main character, Paradigm, a mutant, and is set in post-apocalypse 2026. Paradigm is also an aspiring musician! The team already has an alpha demo up and running, which you can get from the Kickstarter page. The page also has amazing, weird art that REALLY makes me want to play – like a pug who is also a wrestler. What?!

Here’s the official plot:

“Paradigm’s unfortunate life begins at DUPA genetics, a company that makes its millions by growing and selling prodigy children to the rich and powerful…

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The Assumed Male Default: Misogynist

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None of my coworkers or customers know I spent the first 20 years of my life being assumed to be a woman. They have no need to. It’s never come up and unless it is relevant, it is strictly irrelevant information. So, when it comes to how they treat me, I am treated just like every other guy, which has led to some insight when it comes to men interacting with one another.

Customers and coworkers alike have stated blatantly misogynistic things to me and expected me to agree. They automatically assume that I am misogynistic. This has come from anyone from teenagers to the elderly, both in words and actions. For example, I recently had a customer come in and begin complaining about a female employee from another store. He expected me to agree. He attempted to get me to agree. I was silent. I shrugged and listened. Then…

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Meet My Main (Character)

Since I have the memory of a goldfish, I totally forgot that my lovely friend Ms. Zbasnik tagged me with this little quiz ages ago. (Sorry, Sabrina. =/) This is becoming a bit of a habit on my part. But now that I have apparently pulled my head (and, subsequently, my memory) out of my butt, it’s time to address the situation and hold up my end of this little tour. Let’s meet my main character!

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