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Dear Facebook User

Originally posted on Words by Nicole Froio.:

Dear Facebook User,

It has recently come to my attention that Facebook is mainly comprised of delightful documentations of people’s lives. Eating delicious food and photos of incredible travels are what social media is made for, all glossy and edited with Instagram filters that make everyone look younger and happier than they really are.

If you are anything like me, a real human being with feelings, problems and a mostly unremarkable daily life, this flood of happiness, fun and realizations can make you feel inadequate, boring and unhappy at times. In a perfect world we would all feel happy enough in ourselves not to consider Facebook a battle of “Who is having a better time?” that often makes young people feel lonely.

This feeling of battle is what leads us to always be searching for the best, most incredible thing to be doing on a Saturday night. We always need…

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Say When

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(April 2015)

A horror, sci-fi fairy tale about feeling empty.

Say When is a game that interrogates the ways we attempt to modify our bodies in an effort to make ourselves feel whole. The idea is to normalize the idea of “killer interfaces” i.e. things that may be external to us, by looking at how one can commodify and integrate interfaces as a manner of therapy and healing. These interfaces come in the form of mods (brain, body, and heart) that the player must decide to attach to the main character, Lily. Some of these are traditional sci-fi body mods, like metal arms, whereas others are mundane parts of reality, such as calling a friend or masturbating. Some of these attempts are positive and increase Lily’s sanity. Others are detrimental and decrease her sanity. The goal is to be kind to Lily as you attempt to help her. The outcomes…

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Guest post on Nerdy But Flirty!

Hey everyone! Today, I’m very excited to have a guest post of mine featured on the amazing geek blog for women, Nerdy But Flirty! It’s called Walking Through Shame, and in it I talk about my history with gaming, the idea of what makes a “real gamer”, and walkthroughs.

I took pride in my ability to combat the challenges in these games. Not only was I building confidence by overcoming their obstacles, but I was challenging the widely-held online stereotype that “girls didn’t play games”. I was making myself special. But I also knew myself: I got angry when I was frustrated with something, and sometimes my brain just wasn’t able to force itself into a game-sized shape. When confronted with a puzzle, I would often (and still do) dream too big or too small, never able to think past what I would do rather than what the game wanted from me.


Meanwhile, a downside of purchasing my games secondhand emerged: just as I discovered my love for them, the Community at Large (TM) had already decided they were shit – or, if they weren’t shit, that there were only a handful of ways to “properly” play them. Following guides or using save games was out; banging your head against a game until you finally figured out what the heck to do was in. The soaring popularity of punishing, twitchy platformers proved that point all too well.

(Read the rest of the post here!)

I’m very proud to be featured and hope that my story helps some folks challenge their own ideas about what it means to be a “real gamer”. And make sure you take some time to check out the rest of the NBF site and give them a follow–they do good work! Hope you all enjoy the post. :)

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A Look at Dragon Age: Inquisition and the Value of Choice

Originally posted on Nerdy But Flirty:


I feel I’ve been extremely candid about my lack of experience with video games. So, it might seem strange that I’m writing an article about a video game. However, I’ve been watching Sarah the Rebel play Dragon Age: Inquisition on her Twitch Channel, so when I saw this Paste article by Austin Walker, I thought it warranted a response.

I’ll give a quick summary for those who don’t feel like clicking the link. Basically, the author states that Inquisition has been getting blasted for the last few weeks for several reasons, from action sequences to political structure. One of the more popular critiques that the author disagrees with is that players don’t get to make any “real choices” in the game. The author goes on to identify this complaint as due to a lack of clarity of stakes, a term that just means that the outcome of a decision isn’t…

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Self-Care Bingo—Play With Yourself for Better Health!


Everyone could use a bit more self-care!

Originally posted on Make Me a Sammich:

I don’t know about you, I have a hell of a time remembering to practice self-care, and I’ve heard the same from a lot of the people I interact with online. Many of us spend a lot of time and energy online fighting for causes we care about at the expense of our mental and physical health and while we know that we need to pause and do things that are just for us—things like social media breaks, playing with the dog, listening to music, or just DRINKING SOME DAMNED WATER—it can be really hard to do so.

That’s why I created SELF-CARE BINGO!

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It’s like an act of self-care I can share with all of you. Yay!

The symbols are intended as prompts. For example, I live in Seattle, so there are many days (weeks, months) when getting sunshine is just not in the cards, but…

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